Protect by verifying with Protectify free Beenverified account with the e-verify network.  All public records are the same, and the companies that provide access to public records all have the same data. Since they have the same data people have to ask themselves why the prices vary so greatly.

BeenVerified offer a free been verified account, but these accounts are only limited on to two weeks free trials.  BeenVerified data restriction use is overly excessive.   The ban their data from being used for Employment Screening, Hiring of Household Worker, Tenant Screening, Educational Qualification, or to determine Credit or Insurance eligibility.  They prefer the users to use their data for casual matters, like dating, finding lost loved ones and verifying roommates.  Their restriction is meant to protect them from legal suites.  But it doesn’t prevent any of their users from using the data do any of the banned activities.

But other companies like E-verify have more relax data usage policies.  Similar to Free BeenVerified, they also off Free Background check and have the same database and they are in the Best People Search Sites Top 5. Everify also resells their data to many other private-public records company like a free background check.  E-verify has a bigger network when taken into consideration all its affiliates and users.  They manage to get a good share of the public records market, and their price is less the Been Verified.

When choosing public record providers, people have to consider the price as a major factor because all the public records are the same.  And since there are so many affiliates many of their networks are the same.  Many time people can get a better deal buying from the affiliates because they get a huge discount which they can pass to the consumers.   People should not be afraid to buy from public records affiliates because of the use of the same network.

    Free People Finder

    Protectify offers a free people finder tool assist people in their search.  Unlike many websites that offer little information on people search, protectify offer the power of the review.  With the online articles that help people determine the best public directory websites, protectify will always have a place in the public records community. The best free people finder If you ever wonder what the best website for locating people you have come to the right website.  Protectify compares the top five public directory websites offering some of the best honest and independent information on the web.  Its reviews are the hallmark of public directory standard.  By offering it free of charge it has become the leader in the public directory sector. Why would anyone pay to conduct a people search when they can simple search protectify and find the best people search sites.  But public records have not always been free.  Back in the 90’s where the internet was still in its infancy, conducting a free people finder can be difficult.  At that time there weren’t many options for finding the public records information.  With a little work, people can even use it to conduct a free international people search. It wasn’t until private companies took the initiative and decided to invest in DaaS or Data as a Service when the people could easily conduct a free people search.  With one company succeeding and growing at such an exponential rate it wasn’t long until other company decided to join in the private-public database sector. Not to hold back the power innovation, competition drove innovations.  The public database sector becomes saturated with companies offering everything from criminal records to free reverse email lookup.  It wasn’t until Free BeenVerified that people started to realize that conducting a free background check can be simple.   With […]