Protect by verifying with Protectify free Beenverified account with the e-verify network.  All public records are the same, and the companies that provide access to public records all have the same data. Since they have the same data people have to ask themselves why the prices vary so greatly.

Protectify provide free public information

BeenVerified offers a free been verified account.  But the accounts are only limited to two weeks free trials.  BeenVerified data restriction use is overly excessive.   They ban their data from being used for Employment Screening, Hiring of Household Worker, Tenant Screening, Educational Qualification, or to determine Credit or Insurance eligibility.  They prefer the users to use their data for casual matters, like dating, finding lost loved ones, and verifying roommates.  Their restriction is meant to protect them from legal suites.  But it doesn’t prevent any of their users from using the data to do any of the banned activities.

But other companies like E-verify have more relaxed data usage policies.  Similar to Free BeenVerified, they also off Free Background checks and have the same database and they are in the Dex White Pages. Everify also resells their data to many other private-public records companies like a free background check.  E-verify has a bigger network when taken into consideration all its affiliates and users.  They manage to get a good share of the public records market, and their price is less than the Been Verified.

When choosing public record providers like free international people search, people have to consider the price as a major factor because all the public records are the same.  And since there are so many affiliates many of their networks are the same.  Many times people can get a better deal buying from the affiliates because they get a huge discount which they can pass to the consumers.   People should not be afraid to buy from public records affiliates because of the use of the same network.

    Been Verified Complaints

    Many unsatisfied users posts their been verified complaints after a bad experience with the services they received from been verified.   Many feel they were scammed, tricked or the information they received was not what they expected.  There are many positive been verified reviews on their website but one has to truly search online the find negative reviews.   Protectify reviews the three most common complaints with been verified. What is Been Verified Inc? BeenVerified company founded in 2007 based in New York City provides access to public information that was formerly rarely available to the general public.  Been Verified offers public records for various reasons with over 100,000+ with International White Pages.  BeenVerified subscriptions include 8 products for the price of one: person search, vehicle search, phone search, address search, email search, social media search, unclaimed money search, and business search. Three BeenVerified Most Common Complaints The most common complaint with online public directory services is clients receive wrong information.  BeenVerified offers services of public records in two forms.  One, they sell by individual records for a fixed price.  And two, they offer complete access to their database for a monthly subscription fee.  People who want to pay for individual records are the ones most likely to file the complaints.  This is due to three main common reasons.  One, it’s the wrong person.  There are many with the same first and last name or it’s the relatives of the person.  Two, the records are out of date.  And three, the information does not exist. Below are two wrong information Been Verified complaints Celi M – 1 out 5 star “Totally wrong information. I even searched myself and most of the stuff was incorrect. What a waste of money.” Elliott C – 1/5 star “Do not use this site for a VIN […]