Free Been Verified

Free Been Verified Account now offer a free been verified account with e-verify.  Now for a limited time, you can gain access to one of the biggest public database in the world.  You can conduct a free people search with protectify, which offers one you the unlimited access to their database.  The free beenverified trial will give you full access to the database which you can use to find lost family members, lost loved ones, old friends, and acquaintances.

The free Been Verified account will as give you access to many other public records including but not limited to criminal, arrest records, sex offender records, and even free court records. Their records can be used to find a safer community, check to see you your date have any criminal records.

You can find out if your children’s teachers have any arrest records and criminal records.  This will help to ensure that you will make the best decision for you and your family.  Whether it’s buying a home, jogging, shopping or picking the best school for your children, you will always have access to public records to make an informed decision.  With a free criminal record, you will be able to find new opportunities and keep people from finding their true goal without the fear of reverse lookup.

Access to public records is essential to a safe and free community and Protectify free account will make you feel safer in your community by providing you knowledge of all the criminals in your community.  Protectify believes that people need to have more information to make a better decision so by providing people with free access the public records they are adding to the build and safer society.  And by bringing the cost down for every account they will continue adding new clients and increase their market share.


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