Using Dex White Pages to find lost people

Dex White Pages

Free People Search with Dex White Pages!

One of the best free online public records with the open directory is the Dex White pages.  It has a list of names, phone numbers, addresses of many people who waived their rights and have their information publish in the public records.  Dex White Pages is one of the oldest and most respected public directories company.  Before the worldwide web, Dex White Pages had a paper publication which they deliver to almost every homes. When the internet revolution approach, they fell behind.  While many new online directories started to appear online like Free BeenVerified, Dex White Pages, at that time, is still clinging on to a paper publication.

The world moves into the information age.

But as the number of subscribers slowly dwindle, they find themselves needing to change the business practice.  Finally, they started their free online services.  It is not easy, the transition to online has many competitors but what helps them is their pedigree.  They have valuable infrastructure that they can build on and expand into the digital information age.

Now Dex White pages offer a free people search, with their online public directory.  Their ad sponsor web site might be a little ad heavy but the free services make it a great options for the casual detective.  Its pages lead the public directory sector in many important categories, their long history with paper publication gives them a unique edge over their competitors.   But because of their slow entrance into the digital age, many competitors are able to take some of their market shares. Even though the overall market has increased exponentially, their percentage is still smaller.  Still, Dex White Pages Still have a bright and profitable future with their brand.  Their name alone eco public directories and with their history of printing public people and business directories in the phone book will ensure they have bright future.