Search for people’s names, phone numbers, and addresses with Dex Online White Pages.  The white-page phone book was the number one resource for finding people in the United States of America and Canada.  It’s was the peoples’ public directory that provided names, phone numbers, and addresses.  The paper phone book provided needed access to public information. But it was limited to local counties.  But people can always go to the public library to view other city phone books.  Before the invention of the public phone books, the operator on the switchboard manually route the landline phone calls.   But with the invention of the public phonebook people didn’t need the operate for the simple task of making a phone call.  Not only did it empower people, but it saved the phone companies money due to not having to hire so many telephone operators.

Why use the white page phone book?

Dex Online White PagesPublic phone books were free.  It was delivered to every house in the United States of America and Canada.  But many public libraries would carry phone books of nearby counties and cities with big populations.  So it was easy to access.  At this time the phone company charged a fee to talk to other phone operators.  Many US Libraries did not carry International White Pages Phone Book.  Which made it hard to find phone numbers from other countries.  But giving the community access to people’s phone directory was value resource.

How to search with Dex Online White Pages?

There are two ways to conduct an online white page search with Protectify.  One, simply go to the website and search for people’s first and last name or by phone number.  Two, people can also go to their public library and search the phonebook itself or use the public library to access the phone directory.  Either way, if people have access to the internet they can easily search dex white pages online.  Like in the past the best part is that it is still free.