Robocaller spammers beware!  Consumers have a new tool with white pages reverse lookup.  People can now trace the call back to their origin.  Easily find the caller’s phone number or address.  Without having to search for the number online.  But will it actually stop robots from spamming calls?  The answer is definitely NO!

Why is it almost impossible to trace robocall spammers with reverse phone number lookup?

White Pages Reverse LookupOne day while working from my home office I receive a call.  It wasn’t an out-of-state number.  But rather from a local area code phone number incoming call.  So answered the phone.  And it was a spam call trying to sell me car insurance.  I hung up.  But then I decided to call the number.  And to my surprise, a man picked up.  I asked him why he spammed call me.  He responded by telling me he never called me.  I told him he called me a couple of minutes ago.   He denied it.  To be h0nest, from his tone, I think he was telling the truth.  Why would he pick up the phone if he was a spammer?

A couple of months later, I get a call.  I answered and there’s no sound from the other end of the phone call.  Waited about 5 seconds and hung up.  Five minutes later I get a call.  The person on the other line said they just got a call from my number.  I told them I didn’t call anyone.   And they said that I called them.  The call history on my phone showed no call made to that number.  So what happened?

With today’s technology people don’t have to hide phone numbers anymore.  They can just mask it.  Use an alias number.   The first spam caller I had, used someone else’s number to call me.  Then when I return the call, the person on the other side never called me.  In the second incident, a robot called my number and when I picked it up they knew my phone was a live number.  Then they used my number to make their next call.  By using alias numbers, it is almost impossible to find robo-callers.  Because of the software the disguised phone numbers are very accessible by the general public.

Finding a free White Pages Reverse Lookup on the internet.

With today’s technology find the caller is easy.  People can search White Page Directory for people’s names, addresses, and phone numbers.  Even though it’s possible to find a lookup people by their phone numbers.  It is not worth the time.  You can spend days searching for free reverse number software.  For only a couple of dollars and less than 10 minutes, you can use Dex White Pages for a reverse phone number lookup service.