Been Verified Complaints

Many unsatisfied users posts their been verified complaints after a bad experience with the services they received from been verified.   Many feel they were scammed, tricked or the information they received was not what they expected.  There are many positive been verified reviews on their website but one has to truly search online the find negative reviews.   Protectify reviews the three most common complaints with been verified.

What is Been Verified Inc?

BeenVerified company founded in 2007 based in New York City provides access to public information that was formerly rarely available to the general public.  Been Verified offers public records for various reasons with over 100,000+ with International White Pages.  BeenVerified subscriptions include 8 products for the price of one: person search, vehicle search, phone search, address search, email search, social media search, unclaimed money search, and business search.

Three BeenVerified Most Common Complaints

Been Verified Complaints

Been Verified Complaints

The most common complaint with online public directory services is clients receive wrong information.  BeenVerified offers services of public records in two forms.  One, they sell by individual records for a fixed price.  And two, they offer complete access to their database for a monthly subscription fee.  People who want to pay for individual records are the ones most likely to file the complaints.  This is due to three main common reasons.  One, it’s the wrong person.  There are many with the same first and last name or it’s the relatives of the person.  Two, the records are out of date.  And three, the information does not exist.

Below are two wrong information Been Verified complaints

Celi M – 1 out 5 star

“Totally wrong information. I even searched myself and most of the stuff was incorrect. What a waste of money.”

Elliott C – 1/5 star

“Do not use this site for a VIN check. They have no additional information than what you can obtain from nicb for free. They falsely advertise that you’ll receive (sic) several facts that aren’t provided.”

Cancel Subscription – Been Verified Complaints

The second complaint deals with their subscription business practice.  These might be the most common complaints people have with BeenVerified.  In order to sign up for a free seven-day (or seven-day $1 trial period)  subscription with Been Verified, customers need to provide credit information.  If they cancel the subscription before the seventh day, they will not be charged.  But people usually make two common mistakes.  One, they forget to cancel within the seven-day grace period and get charged for the full month.  Two, this is less common, but people did cancel with the correct websites.  BeenVerified has many sister sites, and if people don’t cancel their account on the correct site it will not go into effect.   Below are honest reviews about BeenVerified subscription business model.

Abigail M – 1 out of 5 stars

“These people are complete scammers!! I canceled the “Free trial” the day after I realized the services did not meet me expectations!! I canceled, received an email with a confirmation # and I thought I didn’t have to worry about it anymore! Today I checked my bank account and found a charge I didn’t recognize from People Looker LLC for $22.95 I called my bank to dispute this charge that I had no idea, anyways I was told that once these “Business” (sic) get a hold of your CC they will continue charging/stealing your money on a monthly basis and charges will appear (si under different names!! Thanks to these scammers, I had to canceled my debit card and I will be getting a new one but at least I won’t hear from them anymore and they weren’t able to steal $22.95 from me! Please be aware!”

Anonymous – 1 out of 5 stars

“The BeenVerified (BV) website offered to find all available information about a foreign phone number, spent about 3 minutes running through all of BV’s alleged searches, and then demanded $1 (for a 7-day trial period) to tell me what BV found. I submitted my credit card info, and BV told me they found NOTHING: No history, no names, no addresses, no other phone numbers, NOT EVEN ANY INDICATION IF THE PHONE NUMBER WAS ACTIVE OR EVEN VALID. I immediately ordered the account canceled, and demanded that BV not even charge me the $1 trial period fee, because what they did is tantamount to fraud: They did not provide me with any service that was worth the $1 (and the time I spent/wasted canceling the account and filing complaints like this one). Very disappointed. Will never try to use BV again. Recommend that no one else use them either.”
The third most complaint deal with the general business practice.  For example, in the complaint below the customer cancel their subscriptions services.  But they had a few records that were stored in their account.  When they cancel their subscription the records were gone.  The clients should have downloaded the records before canceling the subscription.

John T – 1 out of 5 stars

“Just sent a review, unfortunately, entered an incorrect email address. Been Verified stole information from me that I had paid for. I paid their subscription fee of just under $29 per month for several month. One bit of information that I wanted to keep, I included in an email to myself, then saved in a file of emails I want to preserve. Although I paid them several hundred dollars, they invaded the privacy of my laptop and stole this. Does the Secretary of State in NY have a complaint system within their Corporate Division? What NYC Court could I file a criminal complaint in? My wife is an attorney and I have relatives in the City. The R***** should be the subject of some legal action. I will invest time in determining how to effectively come against them.”
Even though there are many complaints about Been Verified,  it is always good practice to contact their customer services before writing a negative review.  They will usually resolve the problems or make recommendations.

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