To Cancel Been Verified Free Trial you will need to contact customer service.  But before you do you will need a few information.   Many people sign up for the 7 days free trial and then get charge the monthly subscription.  This business model has been successfully used by many companies Ancestrydna.

3 easy steps to Cancel Been Verified Free Trial account.

  1. You will need to find your need your account ID number.  Go and log into your account and on the right hand side of the dashboard you will find the 9 digits account number.  Write it down or copy it.
  2. You can not cancel the account by online.  Even though you signed up online, they make it more difficult to perform a been verified cancel account than signing up for the account.  You will need to contact their customer service.  Either call 1-866-885-6480 or emailing  We suggest you call.
  3. If you are calling them make sure you have the 9-digit ID on hand.  You might have to wait on hold for a while but be patient.  You will get through.  Then why you get a customer service representative on the other end, tell them you want to cancel the account.  Then give them your account ID and they will cancel the account.  If you are emailing them to cancel the account, it can take up to 48hrs.  If you do decide the cancel the account through an email.  Make sure you clearly state you want to cancel the account and provide the account ID number.  Just to be on the safe side also include the account phone number and email address.  Remember if you trial period is ending soon, call them!

Final steps after cancelling the account.

Cancel Been Verified Free TrialAfter the account is cancel they should send you a confirmation email.  Check your email inbox.  If it is not there check your spam box.  If you didn’t get the email contact customer service again.   If you got the email the you are good.  To double check to see if Beenverified Cancel Free Trial, you can log into your account and you should not see any services or subscription.  You can access the account but you will not be able to search the database.   One last thing.  If you have any search records you wanted to keep, you will need to download it before you close the account.