Trying to get a free background check with Been Verified is simple, you don’t need to spend much time looking for deals or any Free Background Checkdiscounts because they offer a free two weeks trial.  Like most public directories services they make the database free for a two-week trial.  If you are looking to do a simple background check and don’t want to spend any money it’s is the best option.  And since there are so many other public directory companies, if you need to access it again for free just sign up with one of their competitors.

Public directories companies have access to the same database, and you should consider three factors when choosing the company. 1) The interface; is the website easy to navigate?  Is it responsive, readable on a phone as well as on the computer?  Make sure you feel comfortable with the website.  2)  Reliability and Speed;  is the website dependable and what’s uptime? Can how fast can you retrieve the data?  3) The price, after you compare interface, reliability, and speed the price is your next consideration.  Since they have basically the same database,  you have to consider the price difference and how much you are willing to pay for interface, reliability, and speed.

Free Background Check using Free BeenVerified

Keeping all these factors in mind, Free BeenVerified account should be on top of everyone’s list.  The price is fair with a free two weeks trial, their interface, reliability, and speed are on the top 3 of public records companies. If you don’t have the time to compare all the companies and still want to get the best services, you might want to check out been verified and get a free account first. The account lasts for two weeks and gives you access to their database. And for most people, it might have everything they will need if you only need the conduct a free background check once.

Public Directory that offers free background check

There are free services for more general people search.  Dex White Pages have a free online service in which they provide free access to the basic database.  It doesn’t give the full details but it still gives people a good place to start.  Many of the public companies have set up an open-source White Page so people can conduct a free people search.

Another way to get a free background check is to conduct a free sex offender search.  Sex criminals, by law, have to register with the state sex offender database and these databases have to be made for free to the public as a security issue.  So every state has a free online sex offender database that anyone can use. You can try to find each state’s public sex offender directory of simply go to and finding the listing of all the state’s sex offender directories.

Free Background Check in the international community

Finding people in the international community is more difficult. Due to the lack of an international body with the authority to set up a universal free background check.  Adding to the problem is that stability or lack of, authority in the different countries. Another problem is the wealth of a country.  You cannot simply expect less well-off counties who are facing mass starvation to set up a criminal public directory.  Some of these countries cannot even keep track of their citizens.

In addition to the lack of governmental support for an international background check, failed states have little records of the people. Secondly, the people who leave the failed states almost always have no documentation. With so many problems, one would ask if it is at all possible to set up an international people finder.  One company is trying to accomplish these unattainable feet, with a simple solution. A system is taken for the fundamental idea of the internet itself.  The idea is to let each country develop its own system. And create an online directory navigating people to the desired country.  A decentralized approach to the problem.  Now people can do a free international people search for a free background check at   And finally, it is possible for people to find other people anywhere in the world with free international people search.


Free Background Check the rights of the accused to get a second chance

The last issue is the rights of the accused.  And this is a controversial subject that many lawmakers have stayed away from, but it is an important topic.  After serving time for the crime, how can communities help their ex-con to have a meaningful and productive life?  Does the idea of the background check act as a barrier for people getting jobs or advancement?  As a lesser example, if a person is charged with a crime, he or she will have their mug shots taken.  And it is open to the public even though that has not been found guilty of a crime.  And the mugshots are posted on many websites.  Furthermore, it is almost impossible to get the pictures removed from the public domain.

Back to the subject of second chances, many States like Alaska, New York, Oregon, etc. have tried to reform the justice system.  Make petty crimes sentencing less server.  Losen the requirement for criminals to register with the states and even make some crimes like selling marijuana legal to sell.  But states can only do so much, the federal government needs to take a proactive approach and help pass federal laws to help reform the criminal justice system.

A free background check is a complicated issue, where the government, states, civil liberty, and public safety all intersect.  But an honest discussion with all the players will more than likely help foster new laws.  That will hopefully lead to reforming the broken criminal justice system.