Dex Knows White PagesThe famous words baked into people’s memories during the 1980s to the early 2000s were Dex Knows White Pages!  Dex spent millions on its advertising campaign to identify itself as the number one public people search directory.  Have a question?  Dex Knows!  It positions itself as the go-to phone book.  In addition to offering people names, phone numbers, and addresses in their phone book.  They also offer information on the business.

Dex Knows White Pages and Yellow Pages.

Even though people use the white pages most often, it was the Yellow pages was that provide that Dex was branding in its Dex Knows advertisement campaign.  The idea was that any question people had, Dex can “Help” people find the answer.

Dex didn’t have to directly know the answers to people’s questions.  But it did know where people can find the answers. For example, if people needed to know how much it cost to fix their television.  The can go to Yellow Page in the phone book and look for a tv repair company for a price quote.  It offers people contact information on of the television repair company.  Whatever questions people had, Dex can connect them to a profession that had the answer.  This was how it branded itself as a free public directory service provider.  It was its Yellow Pages that provided contacts professionals who can answer any questions.

Search Online Phone Book

With today’s technology, Dex Online White Pages offer much free useful public information.  With a click of a mouse, people can search for individuals anywhere in the  United States and Canada.  People will need to know the person’s state or province to search for their public records.  Searching by countries itself will yield too many results.  Which can take time to review.  And increase the odds of getting the wrong result.  But if people you the state or even the city of the person they are trying to find, it will greatly increase the chance of having a successful people search.