Been Verified Cancel Account process can be difficult if you are not aware of the details.  Protectify will take you through the process of how to smoothly cancel the account.  To sign up for a free BeenVerified trial is an easy process.  People can simply complete the procedure online.  The only catch is it requires customers’ credit card information.  And unlike the signup process, Beenverified makes it extremely difficult to cancel the free trial. Many people end up paying for at least one month of the subscription service.

Profitable and Consumer Unfriendly Subscriptions Business model.

Been Verified Cancel AccountThe business practice of making it hard for people to cancel their subscription dates back decades.  In the past when AOL was an internet service provider and high-speed internet was becoming available to consumers, AOL made it extremely difficult to cancel the internet account.  Instead of taking their profits and investing in high-speed internet, they decided to battle the consumer.  Which resulted in AOL losing all of its market shares.  Some businesses have learned from AOL mistakes.  But the practice is so profitable for BeenVerified that they will not make it easy for people to cancel the free trial.  Beenverified cancel free trial can be tricky

The Process of Been Verified Cancel Account.

In order to cancel the free trial account or the subscription account, you will need the Nine Digit Account ID number.  Log into your account using your email and password. And find the account ID number.  Remember the number, print it out, or write it down.   You will need this to close the account.

Next, you will need to contact customer service to cancel the account.  Even though you sign up online by yourself you cannot cancel the service without contacting customer services.  You can call them or email them.   Their customer service phone number is 1-866-885-6480.  Make sure you have the 9 digit account ID on hand when you call them.  Be patient it might take a while before you get through to a customer repressive. You email them at  Make sure in the email you clearly state your intention to close the account.  And make sure you provide the account number in the email. If you have less than 24hrs left on the free trial account.  It’s best to call them.  After they cancel the account you should get a confirmation email.  Check your inbox and spam.  Lastly, go into the BeenVerified account to make sure the subscription is canceled.  You can still log into the account.

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